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ARK volume 15 chapter 6

New ARK chapter, enjoy!

ACT 6 Marine Chase

“Phew, they are persistent bastards.”

Sand fell from his head as he shook it. The thieves who he met in the swamp were so persistent that it was scary. Usually chaotic users would only chase for a maximum of 1 hour but these guys stuck to him like leeches. The 70 people separated and searched so it wasn’t easy to escape them.

‘In addition, their chasing abilities are just as good as JusticeMan and the rehabilitation brothers.”

He also didn’t know how 70 of them managed to be gathered. It had been 1 year since New World opened and most people had formed groups by now. Many guilds were made from the beginning and a lot of users stayed with the people the met in the early days. These days, the recent trend in New World was to form groups or clubs instead of guilds. In the case of such groups or clubs, they didn’t have the organizational skills of a guild.

‘If this was a survival game then there would clearly be a military club’

This gathering showed a strong organizational ability. The military club was those that would enjoy playing mock combat survival games in the mountains. In addition, their physical bodies were comparable with their level and combat abilities. With these characteristics, the thieves ran after Ark tightly.

“That’s because it is Ark-nim.”

Buksil also dropped down onto the sand and whined.

“If you just ran away then they wouldn’t have followed you. But you killed their leader and grabbed an item so now they want to pursue you no matter what.”

“Weren’t you the ones you brought them?”

Anyway, it was a bit annoying but there was an unexpected benefit.”

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