Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 13

Omega Harem Translations

I changed the type of match – Chapter 13


From now on, Alan would keep coming to say “face me!” and I would always beat him with plenty of room to spare. It became that he would always come over to my place saying “let’s have a match!” and his days of losing continued.

As a result, since he comes over so frequently our relationship isn’t as bad anymore, having become friends, and in between matches we would often have a cup of tea together.

Moreover, recently Alan seems to be lively and quite happy even when he keeps losing. It’s probably just my imagination.

In this way, I was getting along well somehow……


However, that day finally came.

“Jared!? Why are you here!?”

Jared and Alan had coincidentally met each other in the Claes family garden. Since Jared is coming over once every three days, and Alan…

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