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Overlord volume 4 chapter 2 part 2, enjoy!

Overlord Volume 4 – The Lizard Man Heroes

Chapter 2 – Gather, Lizard Men! (Part 2)

The newly dominated Tove forest was full of silence, every living being was afraid of the king’s gaze and held their breath.

But, only this place was different.

The sounds of trees being cut down and voices spread throughout the surroundings.

The golems here would make one think of heavy construction machinery— Heavy Iron Machine, were transporting wooden logs to a construction area of a huge building. This building still had a long way to go before completion, the foundation was huge, and a small part was completed.

Working within this area were a group of golems and undead.

Out of the undead working here, most of them were Elder Liches, who wore conspicuous red robes.

Upon each one’s shoulders were demons about thirty centimeters in length, sporting long bat wings and red copper-colored skin— demons known as imps. The imps lifted their venomous tails up high in order to prevent them from dripping poison and hinder the Elder Liches.

One particularly hardworking Elder Lich opened up the plans in his hands, and gave orders to the working golems.

Looking at the golems who stopped and obeyed his command, he compared the construction site and the plans in his hands. After a little consideration, he spoke to the imp sitting on his shoulder.

After listening, the imp expressed his understanding, flapped his wings and flew up into the sky.

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