Vol. 2 Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise

And so, here’s another chapter to compensate for tomorrow.

Kamiochi Yuon, Dark Elf, LV 21 Shaman, LV 25 Assassin

As the third otherworlder I encounter in this world, she definitely made me realize several new things about this world.

Firstly, when we first enter this world, our races are actually randomly determined.

“I have met several other otherworlders as well. Though, they are of various races, such as beastmen and the winged beings.”

When I was asking her about her race, she answered as such.

After all, we’re currently looking for our enemy, which is a really boring process.

“The guy who turned into a lizardman was really pitiful. As beastmen don’t usually take baths, he had to find the opportunities to swim several rounds around the pool alone every few days. And that’s not all. As his entire body was made out of scales, and he’s modeled after a…

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