Death March new chapter

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Volume 6 chapter 16

6-16. People of Baron Muno Territory (7)

Satou’s here. In my childhood, I couldn’t help but found magnet which floated because it’s meeting another magnet with opposing polarity to be mysterious. Magic show was popular back then, so I thought for a while that the floating magnet was magic.
In parallel word, magnet might be considered to be a magic stone.

The inside of the wagon which usually has a lot of space is now full of luggage.

I make this camouflage in order to prevent Hayuna and the man become suspicious. I lay around cookwares, boxes and barrels containing two days worth of food inside the wagon. Keeping them from collapsing was hard.
During this time, I feel thankful for having Item Box.

Of course I’ve made sure to leave space just enough for people. Mia complains, “Cramped.”, but this is probably still pretty spacious compared to a normal carriage.

As expected, even the indifferent Mia asked, “Where did you take those from?”, after this, but I showed her magic bag <<Holding Bag>>.
Putting aside Mia who will part way with us in Bornean forest, I don’t mind telling other members about Item Box, but I want to avoid situation where our girls get kidnapped because the rumor floats around, I’d rather the harm comes my way. Of course, I don’t think that these girls would spread the rumor, but there’s no denying the possibility of someone overhearing them when they’re talking between themselves.
It’d be safer to keep this a secret until everyone becomes strong enough to fend themselves even if they get into trouble.

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