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Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Volume 03 Chapter 039

Magic Stone Princess – Last Part

“Magic Stone Princess” — Meiya, a magician from the Dragon Continent, finally arrived at the magic school in the Fairy Human Continent after a bit more than a month.
She was staying in a certain town close to the magic school.
Naturally, it was at the most expensive inn’s most spacious room.
She was going to go to the magic school from the town by coach.
Due to its nature, magic schools were built on wide open spaces.
There were regulations against building private houses on its periphery.
It was to avoid causing damage to the surrounding area during the training of magic.
This magic school was made of stone like a fortress with student accommodation built around it.
Furthermore, its circumference was enclosed by two-layered walls.
While it was also made to defend from external effects, but its main purpose is to defend against magic attacks from inside.
Meiya’s coach stopped at an established guard station on the outer wall.

The driver of the rented coach got into a fight with the guard.
It seems like since they came without a letter of introduction, they couldn’t go in… so refused the guard.
The driver who was hired on-site pointed toward the coach and asked the guard to talk directly with his employer.
With a troubled expression, the guard knocked on the coach door.
The maid who came along to take care of Meiya was about to deal with the situation, but was stopped by Meiya.
It seems Meiya intended to personally talk with the guard.
The maid respectfully opened the door.
The guard inquired while scratching his head:
“Uhh… I’m sorry, but it’s the rules that unless you’ve made arrangements to meet a family member or otherwise own a permit, I can’t let you in. If it’s acceptable, could you schedule an appointment and come again at a later date?”
The guard spoke in a businesslike manner.
That attitude annoyed Meiya.
Even though it wasn’t on purpose, his speech was inappropriate considering he was talking to this Meiya, the world-famous genius.
She ordered the guard at point blank range.
“Tell the headmaster that Meiya Dragoon has come. He will understand with just that.”
“Me… Meiya Dragoon…!? You are the Magic Stone Princess!?”
It seems he was not a guard for nothing. He even knew her name.
A complete change from his earlier businesslike attitude, he stood at attention and his voice was shaking.
“I, I am terribly sorry. I will set up comms with the headmaster at once, so please wait just a moment.”
“Make it quick.”
“Yes! Right away!”
The guard went back into the station for a short moment, left a message to his colleagues who were on standby, and ran off to the school.
It took about 30 minutes before the guard returned to the coach.

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