New Teaser: Manowa!

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New teaser, by RE:Translations

~Mamono taosu * Nouroku ubau * Watashi tsuyoku naru~

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When she came to, she was in another world. A world just like the stage of a popular game, the girl “Kazane” collects and fights with monster skills in a Hyper Learning Story. Before she realizes it, she’s saved a town, exposed a scandal, met a ghost, saved a princess, went into a hot spring, went into a hot spring, and spent her time going to the hot spring daily with her party. In the fight against the approaching devil, Kazene confronts her own dark side during her destined reunion with the Big Cat. (almost translated to dick cat by sumguy)
Credit for the translation of this summary goes to sumguy and Solistia.

Chapter 1 – The Great Pinch!

The skies can be seen above.
A girl looks up toward them.
“Ah, its really blue…”
Suddenly, she is filled with a sense of awe.
As this large world suddenly comes into view.
Vast grasslands,
Decaying ruins,
Flowing streams,
and distant widespread mountain ranges.
This is like the place described in “Fantasy Saga: Zexia Hearts” by Iota Chikata…
A question went through the young girl’s mind.
As she picks herself up off the ground, she looks at her dirty hands.
“Its dirt”
Though she confirms it, this is the irrefutable truth.
“Where…am I? What is this place?”
After thinking about it, the girl stood while holding her head.
And once more she wondered where about the location of this unfamiliar place.
Nothing came to mind.
“This looks very familiar…… Thats the Signa ruins…and that peak over there connects the Zeletia mountain range and the Loore river.”
Such words came fluently out of the girls lips, too fluently for someone who supposedly had no idea where this unknown place is. However, it was also impossible for her to be here. So why?
“Is this…….a place in a game?”
She vaguely answers her own doubt. However, that can’t possibly be true.
“What in the world is going on?”
The girl hastily looks around. Without a doubt, she was no longer in her room.
“Wasn’t I just in my room? I don’t remember having come to such a place.”
And so the girl turned to view the ruins. The ruins’ cobblestone floors were covered in moss. Seemingly very old, they had looked to have not been visited for a very long time. Then, the girl realized she had made a mistake in thinking she had been playing a game in her own room. She remembered that she had infact been abroad on vacation and was in front of the Moenjodaro Ruins.

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