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Slime Tensei Monogatari Volume 01 – Chapter 019 enjoy!

A Soft Hearted Person’s Chosen Choice

We decided to go sleep in preparation for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I was absorbed in deep thought at the cave entrance.
For the sake of seeing the world with her own eyes, Mira left her elven village and went on an expedition. Currently she was staying as a guest in a nearby village.
A child of that village had been recently poisoned by some monster, left in a condition where they wouldn’t last for three days if they didn’t take any medicine. It seems that there were no high ranking magicians that could use detoxification magic in that village, and an antidote is a very expensive item that couldn’t be bought with a villager’s income.
The only possible recourse was something that rarely appears in this vicinity.. It is said that an antidote could be created through a skill possessed by the Angel Rabbit. Mira tried to capture it alive and then have it produce the medicine, hence at that place, she encounters me.
If one were to asked why she need to capture it alive? It’s because I’m being told that skill that of creation line were an impossible skill to be acquired by humanoid species. The fact is that I who am a monster can do an usurpation, but she as a humanoid cannot do it so there was no point in defeating it.
She didn’t have time anymore as the time limit is tomorrow, when I saw her acting firm while holding her tears that could burst in any moment I became unable to tell her that I have the skill that she wants.
Mira’s in the dark about the fact that I have killed the Angel Rabbit, it seems that she didn’t see it. “It ran away, but because of that I know that it’s in this area so no matter what it takes I must catch it tomorrow”, was what she said. The fact that it was impossible to do, was only known to me and the Butcher.
That information of me ismerchandise that could be sold and since it’s not like the Butcher would get anything if he told it for free, he’s certain to keep his mouth shut. It was up to me whether to inform her about it or not.
That it was already too late because I had already killed that one and a convenient development for two of that kind of rare creatures to show up in the same area is unlikely to happen.
If one were to think of it in a simple way, I could just make the medicine for the child and the problem would be solved.
(However, things rarely get solved easily, right?)
Mira would be thankful to me if I made the medicine there, and the child would be saved. This would be a question of a good thing, if possible, I’d love to do it so.
However, naturally it’s unlikely for only good things to happen. Since it seems that a Angel Rabbits skills and all of it are rare things, it seems like a gem to Adventurers and people who earn a living hunting monsters. In fact I understand its rarity from the way the Butcher came asking me to specifically hunt it.
I could not deny the possibilities of someone targeting me if others were aware that I have the Angel Rabbits skill to make medicine. Or rather, the possibility of that happening is very high.
The me right now doesn’t have the speed of an Angel Rabbit. I didn’t know about my strength, but that it was easier for me to aim now than before are goes without saying.

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