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Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 052

Chapter 52: Evolution (2)

Purple-colored patterns extended on its back, from its tail to neck, and from there, starting to extend in a non-straight line, into two paths: the first one going to the top of its head and the second one going to the bulge above its neck.

A peculiar spiritual energy was calmly undulating. The Earthfire Lizard suddenly seemed to be in pain, but it was mostly excited. Its body started to shake violently. This unstable spiritual energy was still surging out in the shape of purple-colored lines, but the level of these undulations clearly exceeded what an average second step magical beast could do.

“Evolution?! This Earthfire Lizard wants to evolve!” The handicapped elder cried out in alarm. A magical beast evolving was not a rare thing, but generally, only magical beasts above the fifth step had the possibility to evolve. This Earthfire Lizard was merely a second step magical beast, but right after having received Long Hao Chen’s blood, it wanted to evolve!

With a Pu sound, intense purple-colored turbulences suddenly appeared in the air, and immediately, its one meter tall body started to grow at an intense speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

The evolution was not just about the size of its body, the scales also underwent fantastic changes: from their originally flat and slippery appearance, they became sharper and longer, visibly thicker. The most peculiar change was on the bulge above its neck: this bulge, unexpectedly, expanded together with the rest of the body.

With a Puchi sound, the body of the Earthfire Lizard suddenly became stiff, and immediately afterwards, from the bulge on its neck, a brand new head started forming, appearing by the side of its former head. At this moment, its body grew two meters long from its former length of a meter.

A purple light suddenly shone and it was as if everything became motionless. The purple colored patterns extended to its second head, a few traces of bulges forming above this second head; it looked much fiercer.

It seemed that after the evolution, there was no difference between the second head and the first one. The only thing that was not similar was the color of the eyes. This second head had a pair of gold-colored eyes.

After the evolution of the Earthfire Lizard, its four main limbs became much thicker and the shell on its back more resistant. Its new appearance after the evolution, resulting in this pair of heads, did not look handicapped anymore like it used to because of the former bulge on its neck.

After having evolved, by the root of the neck of the second head, a new bulge appeared again. Only, it was not as big as the former bulge, it was just the size of a fist.

“Fourth step middle rank?” Ye Hua and the handicapped elder looked at each other, face to face; in their eyes, there was a look of extreme shock.

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