Vol. 2 Chapter 37: Phantom Live Exercise

I could have completed this chapter earlier. But you know, the bed is too comfy~

“Our opponent is LV 29, and he’s a Phantom Assassin class. This class is at its strongest when the user has yet to reveal his figure. According to my intel, this bastard’s specialized skill is ‘Shadow Slaughter’. When he approaches his target while in ‘Stealth’ mode, and attacks the target’s weak points, like the neck, corresponding to his target’s level, he will be able to deal multiplied damage. It’s said to be able to instantly eliminate his targets as long as their level does not exceed more than 3 of his.”

Yuon quickly introduced his abilities to me. Looks like an assassin’s information network is truly efficient and convenient, they’re basically walking guidebooks. I really wish to make contact with the people in ‘Momiji’ now. It’s definitely worth the money if I’m able to obtain…

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