Xian Ni Chapter 130 – Sudden Arrival of a YuanYing

Void Translations

ObligatoryTLNote: Enjoy this chapter presented to you by me on behalf of everyone on the team. I will be mentioning the people involved in each chapter just before the chapter so that you know whom to credit for translating, whom to credit for checking accuracy and whom to credit for taking great pains to editing the whole thing. So Enjoy!

Translator: Void
TLC: NomYummi
Editor: Cheesy McBreezy, Nahtaivel

“The three of you can go back. Lin Tao, I will wait for you for ten days.” Having spoken, Wang Lin floated backwards, turned into a rainbow, and flashed away.

Lin Tao hastily nodded. In his heart, he thought that after returning he must have a good talk with his cousin. This was a matter of life or death for him. He absolutely had to get his cousin to copy the map.

Yang’s clothes were completely drenched in sweat. As a breeze…

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