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Ark volume 15 chapter 8, enjoy

ACT 8 : National Police Agency Quest

-The auction is in progress. Wind Spirit’s Boots: 6,200,000 won
-The auction is in progress. Burikand’s Combat Helmet: 6,700,000 won

Hyun-woo couldn’t hide his disappointment after reading the messages on his computer. When he picked up Burikand’s Combat Helmet, the price had gone beyond what he expected. Although Burikand’s Combat Helmet was a level 200 rare equipment, the option wasn’t that good. Although rare items have special skills attacked to them, the defense wasn’t that special. From a warrior’s perspective, they would rather have magic items with addition defense. It was because it was a rare item that the item reached 6.7 million won after 4 days. Hyun-woo was disappointed by the Wind Spirit’s Boots. In fact, Hyun-woo had hesitated over whether to change to Wolf’s Feet. His mind had wanted to continue using the Wind Spirit’s Boots. While Wolf’s Feet had a little more defense and the ‘Jump’ skill wasn’t bad, Ark thought that ‘Slide’ had more usefulness. The problem was that Wolf’s Feet was a part of the <Animal King> set. If he gave up Wolf’s Feet then not only would his defense decrease but the set item effect would decrease.”Huh?”

“No matter how much I like it, I can’t use that equipment. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to abandon the Wind Spirit’s Boots. It isn’t necessary to carry around shoes I can’t use.”

In the end, Hyun-woo decided to sell the Wind Spirit’s Boots. But when the auction was in progress, the value fell below Ark’s expectation. Although he changed equipment, his hesitance made him hold onto it for one month. But when he placed it on the auction site at the same time as Burikand’s Combat Helmet, the auction price was less than the helmet by 500,000 won. In addition, only seven people had bid during three days.

“The number of bids doesn’t mean that there is less interest. If many people who were interested waited until the end of the auction then the price would rise less. At this rate, the highest bid will be 8 million won.”

A sigh flowed from Hyun-woo’s mouth. If an item was put on the auction site, the highest bid could be approximately guessed after 2 days. While selling the castle to Raiden, he had received the Wind Spirit’s Boots instead of 2000 gold. While calculating the price, he realised that it wouldn’t match Ark’s standards. He thought the value would reach at least 1500 gold. But only 8 million won? That was only half of his expected price? Of course, there was a reason for it.

“It’s because I saw Duke use the Wind Spirit’s Boots in the Evil Silrion that I wanted it. If I had just read the information and not seen Duke use it then I never would’ve accepted it instead of the 2000 gold.

That was the problem. The special option ‘Slide’ was what boosted the value of the Wind Spirit’s Boots! When Slide was used, someone could deal with a number of monsters at the same time. But the power of that item couldn’t be realized just by reading the explanation.

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