Coiling Dragon new chapter

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Coiling Dragon new chapter, enjoy!

CD Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 21, Sovereign’s Might

At the bottom of that pool of golden magma, Linley and the others could clearly hear the sounds coming from up above.

“Linley, they finally realize that you were accused wrongly.” Delia was very happy at this moment, but Bebe said fumingly, “That Salomon really is an asshole. After finding out that his identity was revealed, he ignored everything else and insisted on believing that it was you, Boss, who revealed it. This sort of person is absolute not worth treating as a friend!”

Ever since Salomon had asked Elquin to kill Linley, in the hearts of Delia and Bebe, they very much detested this Salomon.

“Salomon. It isn’t worth getting angry over him.” Linley shook his head. “Only, it’s a pity, Bebe. That Nisse was still a pretty good person.”


Bebe was stunned. He thought back to how he had protected Nisse, but Nisse still seemed to somewhat distrust him.

Suddenly, the sound of sobbing came from up above.

“It’s Ninny.” Bebe raised his head, but all he could see from up above was the boiling golden magma.

The golden magma caused the temperature of the entire cave to be extremely high. Even the air in the cavern was twisted and distorted.

“Linley…was wrongfully accused?” Salomon stood there, silent for a moment.

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