Coiling Dragon new chapter

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Coiling Dragon new chapter, enjoy!

Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 22, Water Drop, Sovereign’s Might?

Now that he had taken out a drop of Sovereign’s Might, he could either use it to either kill his opponents, or to cause the opponents to let him go out of fear. No matter what, he could leave safely! However, upon taking it out and revealing it, he had revealed his trump card, and it would no longer be a trump card.

Salomon felt rage whenever he thought of this!

Glancing sideways at Elquin and Inigo, he saw that clearly, the two of them were very desirous of this drop of Sovereign’s Might, but they also didn’t feel confident in being able to take it.

Salomon said softly, “The inkstones and azurites of the Infernal Realm are all created by the Sovereigns of Destruction. This drop of black water is in fact a drop of Destruction Sovereign’s Might, and I just so happen to train in the Way of Destruction. Destruction Sovereign’s Might, paired with the Way of Destruction…the power will be even greater.”

Elquin’s face was truly terrible to behold.

In the Infernal Realm, Seven Star Fiends could be considered supreme experts, with Asuras being the greatest figures who could roam the entire Infernal Realm. However, there were 108 Asuras, many Seven Star Fiends, and retired Asuras. Throughout the course of the countless years of history, there were many powerful experts in the Infernal Realm.

To be able to stand at the very peak of even these experts, generally one of the below criteria had to be true.

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