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Hey guys, here is your new Desolate Era chapter! Enjoy the read!

DE Book 4, Chapter 8 – Ji Ning’s Gains

“You executed Serpentwing?” Ji Ishwin looked at his son, and by his side, Yuchi Snow stared in disbelief as well. The two of them knew that their son wasn’t the type of person to tell lies, but this was simply too…when the experts of the Five Prefectures of the Ji clan had battled Serpentwing numerous times, they hadn’t been able to execute Serpentwing.

Ji Ning said hurriedly, “Father, please look.” With a wave of his hand, out of nowhere, an enormous thing covered in wounds appeared in the pool next to them. Those enormous scaled wings, that viscous green blood…they all testified to this creature’s identity.



Ishwin and Snow looked at the enormous corpse. They couldn’t help but exchange a glance.

“It seems my son’s strength…his strength is quite extraordinary.” Ishwin said. “Not only did he kill Serpentwing, he also was able to store Serpentwing’s corpse within storage-type magic treasures.”

“Father. Mother.” Ning didn’t hide anything. “When I was adventuring at Eastmount Marsh, I encountered the Ironwood clan’s Ironwood Jahn.”

Ishwin and Snow were both startled.

Ironwood Jahn?

That was a dangerous foe.

“He probably was there to deal with the Emerald Skysnake to try and force it to become his slave.” Ning said. At this point, he began to sigh a bit as he thought back to how he and the Emerald Skysnake had battled repeatedly with each other, with the two being unable to harm each other, and how slowly, they began to build respect for each other as opponents. In the end, as he did not find the Emerald Skysnake’s corpse within Ironwood Jahn’s storage treasures, nor did he see the Emerald Skysnake become a tamed slave, Ning understood that the Emerald Skysnake, at that critical juncture, had probably developed its natural ability, ‘Void Blink’.

An Emerald Skysnake who had developed the Void Blink technique was like a carp who had transformed into a dragon! It had definitely left the Swallow Mountain area to roam the world in search of natural treasures…

It was hard to say if they would ever meet again.

Ning quickly returned to his senses. “When Ironwood Jahn battled the Emerald Skysnake, I took the chance to flee, and I fled over a thousand kilometers out of the mountain forests…and by the side of a pool, as I rested, I was lucky enough to suddenly gain an understanding of the Dao.”

“An understanding of the Dao?” Ishwin and his wife exchanged glances. They held their breaths.

“I spent an entire night comprehending the Dao, but I didn’t expect that in the end, I was disrupted by the pursuing Ironwood Jahn.” Ning shook his head. “However, in my fury, I immediately utilized the Yin and Yang power, fusing it into the Scarlet Shine divine power. Heavenly water and fire descended upon me, transforming me into a Xiantian Fiendgod’s body as I became a Xiantian lifeform. At that time, my power dramatically increased, and I then first killed Ironwood Jahn’s spirit-beast, that Bi’An Tiger, and then Ironwood Jahn himself!”

Ishwin said in surprise, “You killed Ironwood Jahn?”

“Right.” Ning waved his hand, and within it appeared a black rattan whip. “This is Ironwood Jahn’s personal weapon.”

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