Magi’s Grandson new chapter

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 MG volume 1 chapter 12

Giving the Speech

Gus came to the house, together with Uncle Dis.

Gus, who met grandpa for the first time, was deeply moved, and his eyes turned watery. Even though it didn’t feel real to me, as I thought, it seems grandpa is really amazing.

It seems Gus’ little sister made a fuss about wanting to come to the house, but since they didn’t come here to play, she was left behind at the royal castle. Gus said the despair on her face was amusing. Surprisingly, he has a bad personality, huh.

By the way, she was ten years old, and seems to look up to Melinda-baachan.

Speaking of not coming here to play, that being the case, the reason they came here was…

“It’s time for us to go.”

It has been a few days since the entrance exam, and today was the announcement for the examination results. I was invited by Gus to go together with him. Because of that, they came to the house today. The messenger was Uncle Dis. The King…

However, only the two of us were going. There would be a panic if grandpa were to go together, and with the King, it would be another matter altogether. So, grandpa and Uncle Dis became the house sitters.

What did you come here for, Uncle Dis?

There’s also the request from Gus, who said he wanted to walk around town, so we’re walking to the academy. It was close anyway.

Today, Gus didn’t have an escort. He said if I was with him, he wouldn’t need an escort. Although I’m glad to be trusted, was this really fine? Royal Family.

For Gus, who was walking freely in town without any escorts for the first time, maybe due to the feeling of being free, had walked while dilly dallying here and there. Because of that, what should have been a 15 minute walk took us 30 minutes to arrive at the academy.

When we arrived at the academy, both of our hands were holding grilled skewers.

“Oh, it looks like everyone has gathered.” The Prince murmured while having his mouth full of meat from the skewers.

“It seems so, huh~” Said the hero’s grandson who was licking sauce off his finger.

Un, I’m going to get scolded. Certainly.

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