Vol. 2 Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise

Last chapter of this volume will be out in a few hours.

“I will state this first, I never plan on becoming an assassin.”

Facing the person, I told him as such.

Although I could not see his name, however, his name and titles were all in blue, and at the very front, he’s even labelled with ‘Momiji’.

This only meant one thing, and that he’s a Momiji Secret Society member like me.

According to Falan’s message, someone from the Momiji will come in contact with me during the live exercise. It seems it’s this guy.

However, I only told him the truth. Although I did kill the murderer without any hesitation, however, he was after all, a mass murderer. Killing him would probably save more lives in the future.

“Yuon, that…”

When I turned with the intention of talking to Yuon, I realized she actually ran before I even…

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