Yuusha Party new chapter

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Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita

Chapter 12
I tried protecting a village.

After the villagers had almost been fully healed, and with the bandits nowhere to be found, I thought it might be time to head back to Minerva.
“Shiek already went to sleep, huh…”
His current schedule consisted of treating the villagers in the morning, and continuing to listen to Tiel-chan talk about the Guardian Deity in the evening. He was plenty exhausted.
My schedule, on the other hand, only consisted of healing the elderly villagers, then going to bother the gargoyle.
And now for the aftermath of Operation ‘Gargoyle is a Lolicon’. Cecilia had her doubts about the gargoyle really being a Lolicon, and gave me the third degree about it again.
As I’d thought, I couldn’t pull the wool over Cecilia’s discerning eyes. I admitted that I had fudged the truth and was thoroughly lectured, before being dragged back to the gargoyle’s shrine to apologize.
Even now I can easily recall his triumphant gloating. It had just started out as a joke…if this was how it would turn out, should I ever call anybody a Lolicon again? Not a chance, I didn’t want Cecilia getting mad at me again.
I had things to do tomorrow, so I went to bed early.
A few hours later, I was awakened by someone pounding on the door. Still half-asleep, I rubbed my eyes as the door suddenly opened. It was the mayor, and from his ragged breathing I wondered if he ran to get here.
“P-please help us! The bandits have begun a night attack. The young ones are fighting back, but most of them are still recovering…they won’t last long!”
“Got it. Is Cecilia already awake?”
“My wife just went to wake her.”
“All right then, Mayor, I want you to stay here in the house. I’m going now to annihilate those bandits.”
The mayor nodded and left the room.

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