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Ark volume 15 chapter 9, enjoy

ACT 9 Magic Kingdom Bristania

-The step 3 maturation process is in progress.
This is the final step in creating the Necromancer’s Immortality Pill. The only thing left is to let it mature long enough to draw out 100% of the effects from each ingredient. Make sure to seal the pot up completely, avoid any direct sunlight and keep it in a cool, dry place.

<Handle with care! There is no guarantee of what will happen if you shake it or it receives an impact.>

=Maturation process, time remaining: 81 hours and 37 minutes.

“Phew, I’m glad there wasn’t any problems.”

Ark sighed with relief as he confirmed the information window.

‘It’s useless to be too greedy…… I really thought I was going to save time.’

His plan to take the ferry to save time on creating the immortality pill had backfired. Of course, if the ferry had arrived at the harbour as planned then there would be no problems. However, they received a surprise attack from the pirates along the way. But that wasn’t all. Bread had appeared with an unknown grudge. He really felt like he received a huge misfortune whenever he wanted to create an immortality pill. Despite the numerous difficulties, Ark had firmly defended the pot. Throughout the pirate ships attacks, Bread’s confrontation and riding the dolphins, he had firmly shaken the pot and passed through stage 1 safely. And he had to stage at a beach on Bristania until the 2nd stage crystallization process finished. After the 2nd stage was finished, the process of maturation immediately began. The time required for the maturation process was 81 hours. So Ark would have to bury the pot under the sand.

‘The maturation process is the most important and it needs 81 hours, so I need to bury this pot here for 81 hours. But I don’t know what will happen if it is detected by other users or monsters.’

“Master, I found it!”

At that time, Racard came flying from the forest near the beach. Ark had been watching the area and slightly shook the pot when he flinched. At the same time, a warning message flashed before his eyes.

-Shaking the pot during the maturation process is dangerous!
<If the degree of completion falls then the final rating of the immortality pill will decrease>

“What, what the, you? You scared me so the degree of completion went down!”

Ark shouted angrily as sweat dripped down his face. He couldn’t know the rating of the finished product until the immortality pill was completed. Since he had to worry about the degree of completion falling throughout all those stressful situations, Ark’s nerves were tense. Then Racard acted like a child who had been scolded and said.

“M-me? You’re the one shouting for no reason.”

“Just be careful. You know how hard it was to gather the ingredients.”

“……I understand.”

“Have you discovered a village?”

“……Yes, if we travel for around an hour through the forest.”

“Well done. You take the lead. It will be a big problem if we encounter a monster now.”

Ark gently held the pot with his hand. During the maturation process, there was a worry that the degree of completion would fall if moved too much. So it would be a serious problem if they encountered monsters while travelling to the village. Therefore Ark had Racard switch to satellite mode. Fortunately, the monsters around here weren’t that high level so they didn’t attack first. But even level 10 wolves were a threat to Ark now. Racard said 1 hour but he had to go back and forth to avoid the surrounding monsters which took them an extra 30 minutes.

‘I was lucky that I encountered the pirates during the mixing process, f it was the maturation process……’

Just thinking about it made him afraid. Anyway, a village appeared 1 and a half hours after travelling through the village. The place Racard found was closer to a city than a village.

‘Is this a city in Bristania?’

It was only after discovering a city that Ark felt like he was in a different kingdom. Currently Ark had arrived in the kingdom of Bristania. It was located to the north of Schudenberg Kingdom. Although it was geographically located to the north of Schudenberg, Bristania had a lot of mountains unlike the plains in Schudenberg. In addition, most of it consisted of rough rocks. Well the scenery was nice but he wouldn’t want to live there. Thanks to the barren land, Bristania had naturally developed magic science to live. That was the reason it was called the Magic Kingdom. Of course, most users who started here chose to become a magician instead of a warrior. The magic science made it easy to raise a magician. Anyway, that made the historical background of Bristania much more mystical than other kingdoms. The main buildings possessed a lot of magical aura and the appearance had a geometric design. Most of the town’s shops also dealt with magic tools. Even the weapon stores sold magic spell books and scrolls. The guards at the entrance of the village was also a magician.

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