The Alchemist God: Chapter 16 – Relic of a Champion

Unchained Translation

Chapter 16 – Relics of a Champion

The scorching sensation became increasingly intense. Lin Mu Yu tightly clenched his teeth and tried his hardest to not scream out in pain. In reality, from the moment he had started the training up until now, he had not voiced a single sound of pain. He had been born a proud person, so there was no way he could not withstand this little bit of pain!


Under the high temperature of the cauldron, even the outer layers of Lin Mu Yu’s clothing were slowly falling apart and were about to burst out in flames. Similarly, Lin Mu Yu felt like every cell in his body was evaporating into nothingness. This kind of pain was definitely something that an average person would not be able to endure.

Nearby, Tang Xiao Xi was covering her mouth, unable to look. She had seen Qu Chu…

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