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Coiling Dragon new chapter, enjoy!

CD Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 26, Head Out, Stay Behind?

Phusro’s voice still echoed in their ears, but he himself was gone.

“This Phusro…really is weird.” Bebe blinked his eyes twice, still feeling rather dazed.

Linley lowered his head to look at the hundred-plus interspatial rings hovering in his palm. Amongst them were mostly the interspatial rings of Gods, but also many of Highgods. “So many interspatial rings, with even Highgod interspatial rings amongst them. This is really a treasure that just fell down out of nowhere.”

Linley felt joyful.

“That Phusro actually gave me so many interspatial rings.” Delia sighed in amazement as well.

“So like I said, that guy’s head isn’t working. However, it’s broken in a good way.” Bebe chortled.

Linley shook his head. “Bebe, you can’t say that. Phusro’s experiences and ours are different. A trillion years of depression, of silent endurance. Only an extraordinary person would be able to endure so much. After finally being released one day, he was just venting.”

Delia nodded slightly as well.

Whether it was his attack on Learmonth or his chat with Linley’s group, it was all a form of venting.

“Oh.” Bebe nodded in understanding, his eyes shining. “After venting, he casually tossed these little baubles to us. Phusro really is stingy though. Why didn’t he give us Elquin’s interspatial ring? That old fellow’s wealth is definitely astonishing.”

Linley and Delia were momentarily speechless.

“Just kidding.” Bebe chortled, and then looked at the hundred-plus interspatial rings in Linley’s hand. “Boss, so many interspatial rings. How many treasures do you think are you inside? I’ll take a look first.” Bebe clearedly seemed quite eager. “I love investigating the treasures within interspatial rings.”

“Why the rush?” Flipping his hand, Linley stored away all of the interspatial rings.

“Right now, we need to first decide what we are going to do next. We can look at interspatial rings later.” Linley glanced at his surroundings. The volcano range had disappeared, causing this area to once more return to its flat surface. The hazy, dim light of the Violet Moon shone down from the night sky.

The gauze-like violet moonlight shone down, filling the world with an ancient, vast aura.

Delia frowned slightly. “Linley, the Infernal Realm is filled with countless dangers. It will be very hard for the three of us to rely on our own ability to reach the Rainbow Prefecture’s Bluemaple City.”

Linley agreed as well. The three of them were all Gods. Although a Fiend’s star rank could not be distinguished, others would still be able to distinguish someone’s general level of strength. They would know Linley’s group was at the God level and not the Highgod level! Highgod Fiends, bandits wouldn’t dare to irritate.

But God-level Fiends, bandits wouldn’t fear either.

“To take on a mission, we would have to go to a city. The distance between each city in the Infernal Realm is vast! There’s no way for us to take on a mission right now.” Bebe said resignedly as well.

Linley glanced at his surroundings, thinking back to some of the geographical information he had read before regarding the Infernal Realm. Moments later, he decided, “We are indeed in a bit of trouble. The closest city to us is at least eighty million kilometers away. Eighty million kilometers…who knows how many dangers we would encounter on the way over?”

“Eighty million kilometers?” Bebe and Delia both felt their heads ache as well.

Linley looked towards Delia. His mind couldn’t help but be filled with the scene of himself and Delia falling into the golden magma pool. In that moment, he had truly believed he was going to die.

“For the sake of Delia, we can’t keep on taking risks like this.” Linley said to himself.

Delia and Bebe looked towards Linley. At times like this, they left the decision to Linley. Linley stared into the distance, then spoke. “How about this. Up ahead there seems to be a large mountain range. Let’s go there and temporarily live there for a while and train quietly. When Delia completely fuses her Highgod spark, we will head out!”

“Live there?” Bebe was rather surprised.

“What is it?” Linley looked towards Bebe.

Bebe immediately shook his head. “Nothing. Boss, your words have merit. Let’s wait until Delia is a Highgod. At least on the surface, others will see that she is a Highgod Fiend, which should be frightening enough. When we head out, it will be much safer.”

This was indeed Linley’s plan. Although Delia was only a One Star Fiend, who would be able to tell from the surface?

Others could only be certain that she was a Highgod Fiend!

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