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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku Volume 6 chapter 18

6-18. People of Baron Muno Territory (9)

Satou’s here. It’s said that ability to read atmosphere is indispensable, but it’s different in parallel world, there are unexpectedly a lot of people who behave as they wish here.
If I forget about the difference in social standing, it seems that I would make various mistakes.

When Nana takes off her hood, her blond hair unfolds. Toruma-shi is dazzled by her, Hayuna-san elbows him. So he’s really being kept on a short leash by Hayuna-san.

Nana is holding the baby on her arms after receiving permission from Hayuna-san. She looks completely content. Looking as if she’s a holy mother–if she doesn’t talk.

“She’s so fluffy, and soft nano desu. Master, I want to have a young organism too.”
“Let’s talk about that after this journey is over.”
“It’s my nickname.”
<TLN: Nana says “Master” in English (Masuta), not “Goshujin-sama” like the other girls.>

Afterwards, the Toruma couple were interested with Nana’s eccentric way of speaking, but when I told them that she lived a sheltered life in a distant land which made her poor at Shiga language, they assented. I told them that her meal was only water because her body was weak. Toruma couple seem to be thinking that Nana and I are a married couple. I leave that misunderstand alone since there’s no particular harm anyway.

“This is delicious. It’s full of rural taste, but the abundant meat is nice, and it even has peppers on top of salt!”
“Thanks to the chopped peppers put in the fried food, my body is warming up.”

These two, even though they’re saying things as if they’re reporters from gourmet program, they’re eating intensely. I guess it can’t be helped that they’re greedy since they probably haven’t had good food at the thieves’ hideout.
Pochi and Tama are quiet today. They would usually go, “Another please nano desu~”. I peek at them, they eat slowly while chewing thoroughly today. They’ve only eat about half their portions.

Huh? They stand up after finishing half their meal and go toward here. Was it not tasty?

“Meal sharing~?”
“I’m giving half nodesu.”

The two offer their plates to Hayuna-san. I wonder why they’re presenting it while having very earnest, if not painful, faces.

“Oi oi, no matter how delicious, we won’t eat scrapes from demi-human slaves you know?”

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