Death March new chapter

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku

6-19. Golden Holy Sword and Magic Tools

Satou’s here. I don’t have memories of taking a bath in my own house at midnight after I’ve become a working adult, probably because of working late. I mostly found myself taking hot shower after waking up early in the morning.
I’ve only been able to leisurely take my time soaking my body at the grand public bath when I’m staying over.

The night has been cold for the past few days, so the couple are sleeping inside the wagon. Leaving aside Ossan, it’d be troubling if Hayuna-san catches cold and infects the baby.

The combination for the night watch duty today is different than usual.

Usually, Mia, Lulu and me are the first, then Pochi, Tama, Nana for the second, and then Liza and Arisa for the last, but today, Mia is replaced with Arisa.

“What are you making?”
“It’s Circuit Liquid.”

In most textbooks they’re only called magic liquid or Liquid.
The one I’m making now is different from normal Liquid. I’m making the recipe hidden in that bundle of papers.
Yup, even though the raw materials are different, the way of making it is the same as normal Liquid.

“Fuh~n, huh? Isn’t it usually shining red?”

Arisa is quite observant eh. I don’t answer Arisa since I’m concentrating right now. I continue putting magic while watching the Liquid shines blue.

I pour the finished Liquid into the Circuit carved on one half of the wooden sword.
Since I’ve let the Liquid temperature to be cooled down, it’s not burning like with the wooden pedestal before.

“It’s black, is it really a wooden sword?”

I affirm it by lightly nodding since it’s pitiful if I ignore her too much. Even though Lulu is watching quietly, this girl is noisy.

I spread thin glue on the remaining half of the wooden sword, and then wrap it with strings. Then I put the sword on the magic bestowing stand, and slowly manipulate the Liquid on the wooden sword using the stand, drawing small intricate pattern.

It seems that Arisa is tired from looking, she lies down sideway hugging her knee while biting a jerky. She’s looking here while remaining in that posture.
Lulu who’s beside me gently wipes the sweat on my forehead with a handkerchief. Lulu’s girl’s power is surely around 530.000.

I try putting magic into the finished wooden sword. The magic flow is worse than Liza’s spear, but it’s quite good in itself.

The wooden sword’s whole body is shining blue.

The light remains even after I stop putting magic power, although it’s a bit dimmer.

“Hey, hey, isn’t magic sword that shines blue… Th, that can’t be it right. There’s no way that could be made so easily.”

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