Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 16

Omega Harem Translations

Chapter 16 – I invited my friend


It finally became the promised day, when Sophia would come to visit my place. I waited restlessly for her arrival since morning.

“Ojou-sama, Sophia-sama whom you have spoken about has arrived……”

Anne told me about her arrival, but she seemed strange for some reason. However, I just thanked her and hurried to the guest room because I wanted to see Sophia again as quickly as possible.

And then, I went to the guest room –

Indeed, the beautiful Sophia was waiting there impatiently, but…… For some reason, there was also an incredibly handsome boy next to her.

With black hair and black eyes, his hair and eye color was different from Sophia, but it could be seen that his features were similar and they were related. And, with two such beautiful people in front of me, it was like lining up a…

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