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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 2 Reforming the Meridians

+Previously on Stellar Transformations…

A lone young man known as Liu Han Shu was lamenting his pitiful life at the lakeside near a large city – Feng Liu city. The man was suffering continuous humiliation from his peers as a poorly gifted Xiuzhenists who was at Jindan stage, while his peers were at least at the Yuanying stage. On that fateful day, he met a wandering expert. Unbeknownst to him, the expert was Qin Yu, a recent ascendant from the mortal plane…

A piece of middle grade holy elemental stone?

Something like that wasn’t even worth much to Qin Yu. In his Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, the entire structure was made of one whole holy elemental stone. And within the allotted warehouses within the mansion, these stones are piled high like small mountains, even high grade stones were a common place. Aside from holy elemental stones, other treasures piled high are all ores used to refining immortal weapons, the downside is that there aren’t any top grade elemental stone anywhere.

“Middle grade holy elemental stone? For being a…guide?” Liu Han Shu couldn’t believe what his ears were telling him. For normal immortal stage expert, something like a middle grade elemental stone was to be cherished, while poorer ones hold to them like their own precious children, and wealthy ones may gift them rarely.

But providing guidance….?

Guidance in exchange for a piece of middle grade holy elemental rock? Seriously???

Han Shu stared at the stone in the fellow’s hands and felt the whole world burst with life. Gone was the decrepit world in gray-scale of humiliation and neglect, and come the new vibrant world – full of valour, life and colour, of hopes and dreams.

“Unless, you do not want to?” Qin Yu raised his brows questioningly.

“I do, I do. Junior is honoured to do so.” He was excited. In the last twenty years, he hadn’t been as excited as he was now. He wasn’t as foolish to pretend it was good enough a reward. “Senior, a little thing as guiding you isn’t worth a holy elemental stone. Junior does not deserve such exuberant reward.”

Qin Yu smiled at the fellow’s generosity, “If I say you can have it, then take it. This is the first time I’ve come to Amber Moon planet, I am not familiar with much of the situation here, which you will have to inform me. Come, take me to a place where I can stay.” He tossed the middle grade elemental stone to the young man.

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