World Teacher Volume 1: Chapter 3 (alternative)

Omega Harem Translations

An alternative translation for World Teacher Volume 1: Chapter 3 is now available.

Main page.

Volume 1: Chapter 3

This was shorter than the previous chapters but I got distracted by a certain friend streaming some of their gaming.
What doesn’t help is that editing my work is like an approved ‘extreme measures’ technique for extracting information, so when I self-edit my monkey on keyboard English…

Regarding future chapters, I shall probably make a draft translation of Chapter 4 and compare it to that published by Defiring before considering my options. From a quick look at the first half though, there’s not much missed in the version already published by Defiring (and Defiring’s grasp on English seems to be leagues ahead of my own)…

In any case, I hope you enjoy this alternative translation!

****Notes & disclaimers:**** (from the Main page)

  • These translation(s) are an alternative translation to those done by

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