Desolate Era new chapter

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Desolate Era, B4C11 – Ji Ning is Here!

The toddler nervously looked at the youth riding on the black beast. He only felt that this youth was a very powerful figure. The entire tribe seemed to be afraid of him.

“Bluestone.” The youth dismounted from the black beast, then walked over and held his hand.

“Come with me. Let’s go to your big sister’s tomb and kowtow to your sister.” Ji Ning took Bluestone’s tiny hand, and Bluestone, stupefied, just let himself be led away, not daring to resist. By his side, Blacktooth and the other tribesmen naturally didn’t dare to argue.

And so, just like that, they made their way through the tribe before arriving at a large graveyard behind the tribe.

Once again, they came before that tomb.

“Spring Grass. I came.” Ji Ning had prepared some sacrificial items which he had prepared when passing through some of the nearby tribes along the way. He placed all of them in front of the tomb carefully, while at the same time saying gently, “That Riverside He of the Riverside tribe is dead now. Serpentwing of Serpentwing Lake is dead as well. Your enemies are all dead.”

As soon as these words were uttered, Blacktooth and the others next to him were startled. What? The Greater Monster, Serpentwing, was dead as well?

“Bluestone should be your only remaining little brother.” Ning reached his hand out, pulling the dumbstruck Bluestone forward. “I swear before your tomb that I will definitely provide good tutelage to Bluestone”

Bluestone was somewhat stunned, but his father, Blacktooth, was incomparably delighted. He hurriedly said, “Thank you, young master.” He himself was just the leader of a small tribe. What sort of a future would he be able to offer his son? But if someone as exalted as the young master of the Ji clan were to help out, then his son’s future would be very different.”

“As long as you don’t oppose it.” Ning glanced at Blacktooth. “In the future, I will be spending quite a long period of time by Serpentwing Lake. If you want to see your son, come to Serpentwing Lake and find me there.”

“Yes.” Blacktooth said respectfully.

“Bluestone, kowtow to your big sister.” Ning looked towards Bluestone by his side.

“Okay.” The toddler hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed three times.

Ning waved towards the side. “All of you can leave now.”

“Yes, young master.” Autumn Leaf included, everyone withdrew. Even Bluestone was led away by Blacktooth. In this wild, desolate graveyard, the only one remaining was Ji Ning.

“Just the two of us now.” Ning withdrew a bamboo reed, beginning to drink wine. “Today, your young master will spend some time chatting with you. In the future, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come visit you too often.”


Ning drank fruit wine in front of the tomb while chatting with ‘Spring Grass’. In the blink of an eye, an hour passed.

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