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Chapter 9: Impatience and Frustration

Using this technique at the third level allowed Zhao Wugang to increase his strength by several degrees, as well as his speed. Grinning hideously, face full of greed, he charged toward Meng Hao, sharp claws glittering in the sunlight.

He brimmed with confidence, certain that Meng Hao’s fear would break him. Flee he might, but escape he could not.

“Run,” laughed Zhao Wugang with a ferocious smile, his powerful voice reverberating through the air. “You can’t escape the skills of Zhao Wugang.”

When Zhao Wugang shapeshifted into demonic form, Meng Hao was fleeing up ahead. He saw what happened out of the corner of his eye, and a look of surprise filled his face. But then, it seemed he’d thought of something, and a different, stranger expression replaced the surprise. This demonic form looked exactly like the forms of the various beasts that had been exploded by the copper mirror. In fact, he had even more radiant fur covering his body than those other beasts had.

Meng Hao looked carefully at Zhao Wugang, the strange expression still covering his face. The thick, golden fur made him look like some sort of king of beasts.

When Zhao Wugang saw the look on Meng Hao’s face, he felt astonished. When he had broken through to the third level of Qi condensation, he had tried out the Were-demon form, but this was the first time he had revealed it to another person. Meng Hao’s strange expression irritated him. He let out a cold harrumph, and a murderous look appeared in his eyes.

“I think… you’ll probably like this copper mirror,” said Meng Hao. Seeing Zhao Wugang’s speed increase so much in his Were-demon form, he realized that he would close the distance between them rapidly. He took a few steps back and slapped the bag of holding with his right hand. Instantly, the copper mirror appeared. With the strange expression still covering his face, he shined the mirror onto Zhao Wugang in all his arrogant splendor.

As soon as the mirror began to shine, Meng Hao felt it begin to emit a burning heat that he had never felt before. This was a much stronger reaction than when it had encountered other demonic beasts, as if some sort of powerful thirst had been unleashed within it. At that moment, a sort of invisible gas burst forth from the mirror and shot forward.

Zhao Wugang leaped toward Meng Hao, his aura radiating murder and ferocity. Suddenly, he felt strange, as if some sort of gas had entered his body. It roiled violently within him, and from the outside it looked as if the gas were trying to claw its way out. Zhao Wugang’s expression changed. He felt severe pain in his organs, which quickly rose to a critical level. Without thinking, he pushed the gas down to his dantian region, in order to force it out.

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