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Zl Chapter 237
第二百三十七章 巨灵神将
Chapter 237 – Rock Spirit Fighter
Translated by: xDh20
Edited by: GG, Taffy, Ciel, and lots more!

Hey everyone! So were going to try and post this chapter, were not real sure how if the server can handle it, if you get a chance to get in and read it, make sure you close it out and leave the page to lessen the load for others. Thanks – HighJayster

Don’t Be Foolish was a Lv 60 knight and [Vanguard]’s number one knight. With 2200 defense as well as 5340 Health, his stats could make any boss at this stage shed a tear. Even Hans would find that breaking Don’t Be Foolish’s defense required an extraordinary amount of effort.

Nevertheless, I still had to kill him; otherwise he would continue to be an obstacle.


I glanced toward the tiger at my side, and the tiger reciprocated my glance with a look that I could depend on. It rubbed its shaggy head against my shoulder while its tail wagged about adorably. I couldn’t help but laugh; this little guy was too cute! But at the moment, I didn’t need his cuteness. I needed his sharp claws to help me kill the number 1 knight of [Vanguard].

“Bang bang bang…”

The knight’s spear whacked through the underbrush as Don’t Be Foolish walked forward. Laughing, he said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, if you claim yourself to be [Zhan Long]’s guildmaster, you should show some of yourself. How can you afford to stay in the bushes all day and night? Come out, and face my mighty spear if you are a real man!”

I didn’t pay much attention to Don’t be Foolish, but I was extremely careful with the three assassins by his side. Although they were invisible, they left some footprints in the grass. It wasn’t difficult at all for me to deduce their locations from those. In the sky, some green birds and yellow bees were flying; it seemed that even their pets were looking for me.

I pondered to myself: I had to bait Don’t Be Foolish first, then kill those three assassins. I would then kill Don’t be Foolish afterwards. I had to be fast, or else Jian Feng Han would arrive.

“Gulp! ”

Swallowing a Green Qilin Pill, I restored 700 MP. [Blade Rush] and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] consumed Mana far too fast, and these repeated fights left my MP bar almost empty!

As Don’t Be Foolish got closer, I figured out the assassin’s walking patterns and began to focus on figuring out their positions. Unfortunately, this was a tad bit difficult, and it took me half a minute before the 3 positions were finally determined!

[Turmoil Sword]! [Haste]! [Enrage]!

My chain of skills passively increased my stats. With [Haste], I increased my speed so that I could rapidly dash out onto the open grass. With a twist of my wrist, my sword flashed like a shooting star and [Seven Stars Fragment Slash] came flying out!


The dirt flew everywhere as my sword qi blew across the ground. Three rays of light enveloped the 3 assassins, and were killed by me!


Even Wan Er didn’t have over 2000 health, and so these assassins definitely wouldn’t have that much health. Unless my attacks MISSed, they would definitely die!

Once the assassins all died, the swordsmen, knight and mage all rushed on over while I purposely stood there without retreating. The 2 swordsmen hoisted their swords as they rushed to kill me, but unfortunately for them, a tiger’s roar came out from the bushes. It fired off a [Burstfire Raid], and with its gigantic body, it came barreling at the players and left a flaming trail of numbers–



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