Coiling Dragon new chapter

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CD Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 28, The Essence of Fire


Crimson blood splattered across the dusty yellow cliffs, and shards of flesh fell down from the skies.

“All of you, die.” Bebe’s face was savage, and his dozens of shadows were everywhere. Through relying on the Shadowshape Doppelganger technique, Bebe was occasionally here, occasionally there as he entered a wild killing spree. Bebe’s eyes were filled with madness. “That bastard Salomon. That bastard!”

“If Salomon hadn’t intentionally caused chaos, how could Ninny and I have been separated?” As he thought this, he stabbed out with the dagger in his hand towards an opponent’s divine artifact, chopping it into two pieces while simultaneously cutting through the opponent’s head, which exploded.

“Ninny, Ninny!”

Bebe’s mind was full of thoughts of Ninny, but as he thought of Salomon, the speed at which he killed grew even faster.

A massacre. Bebe wildly vented his anger. How he wanted to be together with Nisse. Each time he saw Linley and Delia together, he would think of himself and Nisse. Only, this Infernal Realm was utterly vast, and Nisse was heading towards the Jadefloat Continent.

Who knew when they would meet again?

“Kill, kill!!!”

Bebe killed wildly, ignoring all else.

“Flee, flee!!!” The bandits who were not yet dead all began to scream in terror while fleeing in all directions. The leader of the bandits, in particular, had turned ashen pale. He had never imagined that Gods could be this monstrously powerful.

They were being easily demolished!

“Finished. My men are all finished.” The leader felt grief in his heart, but although he grieved, whenever he looked at Linley and Bebe, these two fiendish gods, he was so frightened that his heart trembled. “No matter what, I need to first save my own life.”

The leader ignored everyone else and immediately fled.

After Linley and Bebe killed those closest to them, they discovered that the other bandits had started to flee in every direction. Linley couldn’t be bothered to chase them, but Bebe, caught in the grip of his bloodlust, howled angrily and them emitted a high screech which echoed throughout the heavens.

An enormous illusory Godeater Rat appeared behind Bebe. Bebe opened his mouth wide, staring at the distant bandit leader as well as a man next to him.

“Aaaaaah!” The bandit leader, in mid-flight, suddenly felt that he couldn’t move. Not just him; the God next to him couldn’t move either.

Suddenly, the God-level divine sparks of the two men floated out. Two divine sparks actually flew out of the leader, while another flew out from his subordinate’s head. These three divine sparks flew directly towards Bebe’s mouth.

The two corpses fell down from mid-air.

Linley looked at Bebe with some concern. Very clearly, Bebe was acting rather strangely.

“Bebe?” Linley flew over.

Bebe turned, then shook his head a few times and laughed, “Boss, don’t worry. I’m fine. Just now, I was feeling rather peeved, and so I wanted to give vent to my anger. I feel much better now. These bandits really were blind. They actually dared to come waylay us. They really were looking for death!”

Linley, seeing the look on Bebe’s face, finally sighed in relief.

“These bandits will most likely not dare annoy us again.” Linley laughed as well.

Actually, Linley had been prepared long ago for this day. Every single place in the Infernal Realm was controlled and occupied by a force. In some desolate areas, it was normally just common bandits or small tribes, while in bustling areas, greater forces and powers would be in control.

The mountain range which Linley had chosen was very ordinary.

Linley expected that there shouldn’t be many experts here. After today, in the future, most likely nobody in the area would dare make trouble for them again.

“Oh! I forgot to take the interspatial rings of many of those corpses. Although there wasn’t much money there, we shouldn’t let it go to waste.” Bebe immediately flew down, and Linley couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing Bebe in a better mood, Linley felt happy as well. “Bebe, wait for me.” Linley flew down as well.

This slaughter did indeed awe and frighten the people nearby. The bandit group, originally 82 strong, had only less than thirty survivors after this disaster. This small bandit group frantically began to recruit others, but they didn’t dare to come disturb Linley’s group again. They didn’t even dare to draw near.

And just like that, one year after another passed by like water as they trained quietly.

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