Death March new chapter

Originally on Sousetsuka

6-20. People of Baron Muno Territory (10)

Satou’s here. I’ve heard that you can see fragments of your memories inside your dream.
Although, ever since I led a life of brief sleeps after I became a working adult, I never dream anymore.

Pochi and the girls come to change place with us since the time is up. Arisa says, “I’ll be watching you so you don’t go out in the night.” and takes up the position beside me to sleep together. Usually I would toss her, but since she’s done well during the negotiation with ossan today, I’ll let her off for once, though this is not a reward.

Of course I warn her that if she tries to sexually harass me, I’ll tie and hang her on a tree.

Since even Lulu is taking the position on the opposite side while saying, “M, me too, I’ll watch too.”, requesting while fumbling her words, we end up looking like character for river.
<TLN: River=川>

I hope 5 years passes fast.

Contrary to my expectation, Arisa went asleep without trying to do anything funny.
If she’s always like this, I’ll let her sleep together anytime.

I check on the demon’s movement before I go to sleep.

It’s loitering around at the castle and the thieves in the forest like usual, but sometimes, it produces a level 1 split body (Splitter) and lets it wandering around in the city. I tried monitoring it for the whole night before, but since it didn’t seem that it killed anyone, it was probably a split body used for gathering information.

There is also another suspicious movement from elsewhere.

The thieves around Muno city are merging with the large thief group in the forest near the city. There are also quite a lot of serfs who have escaped from nearby villages mixed in, they’ve became a group of around 500 people. If the smaller groups who’re moving join with them, it would become 700 people. A revolution could probably takes place.

Furthermore, from northwest–about on the right from where we are now, a bit away from Muno city–armies of demi-goblin are entering the territory. There were only 50 of them in the evening yesterday, but they’re nearing 1000 now and are still increasing coming from outside the territory.

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