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Chapter 040 – Vlad House, Signal of Counterattack!
Lute, 12 years old.
The young lady and I are safe; we were able to obtain accommodation in Meiya Dragoon’s estate.
Though it was a slightly different reaction from what I had expected, but if we are welcome then there shouldn’t be any problems.
We were guided to the bath to recover from travel fatigue as a gesture of her goodwill.
I took off my clothes in the dressing room and entered the bath.
A bath large enough that you’d be able to swim in it was filled with hot water.
Soap, a towel, and even a brand new pail was provided.
As expected of a well-known genius magic tool inventor of the Dragon Continent.
Money doesn’t seem to be an issue.
I wash my body with soap, and clean off any filth.
For the first time since I was reincarnated in this world, I am able to soak in hot water up to my shoulders.
“Aa~ This is the life. As I thought, baths are really nice…”
I didn’t swim, but I enjoyed stretching out my hands and feet as I soak in the spacious bath.
When I got out of the bath, a change of clothes had been prepared.
Neatly folded traditional clothes worn by men of the Dragon Race was there.
The design looks like certain kung fu attires from China in my previous life.
TL Note : kung fu = chinese martial arts.
It features short sleeves, and 7/8th length* cropped trousers.
TL Note : about halfway between the knee and foot.
When I went out to the hallway, maid-san was waiting and she showed me to the dining room.
In front of the aforementioned dining room, I ran into ojou-sama who had just gotten out of the bath.
She was also wearing the dragon race’s female traditional clothing; it was a dragon-dress look.
TL Note: dragon dress = cheongsam?
The women’s dragon-dress had the exact same design as Chinese clothes.
My eyes gravitated towards the thin thigh peeking from the slit on the bright red dragon-dress.
“Oops! My feet slipped– (monotone)”
I trip unnaturally, looking at ojou-sama’s figure in the dragon-dress up close.
Thin ankles, as well as thighs dyed slightly red from taking a bath.
Her smooth skin was still wet, and I understood that it would definitely be pleasant to touch.
And precisely because they were childlike, they exuded an immoral charm.
If I had encountered the current ojou-sama in my city from my previous life, I have confidence I would’ve stalked her.
TL Note : Humbert Jr. in the making
Ojou-sama’s post-bath skin became even redder and she quickly hid her mini blackboard behind her legs.
That gesture is also cute.
I awkwardly cleared my throat, and stood up while moving as if brushing the dust off my clothes.
A close call. Just a bit more, and my fascination with ojou-sama would’ve been exposed.
Then maid-san opened the door for us, and we entered the dining room.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Lute-kamisama, Chrisse-san.”
The head of the mansion, Meiya Dragoon, greeted us with a beaming smile.
She is 18 years old.
She wore the same red dragon-dress as ojou-sama.
Big breasts, shapely waist, and a slender legs that are long like a model.
She’s also a beauty to the extent that 100 out of 100 men all would have praised her face.
Apart from the two dragon horns on her head, her appearance was almost invariably similar to the human race.
She kindly offered us some dinner.
“Although we have some things to talk about, why don’t we first enjoy a meal? Our chef, for you both, spared no expense in preparing it.”
At Meiya’s signal, it was brought in.
The dishes were cramped on to a round two tiered table.

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