Swallowed Star New chapter

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Swallowed Star Volume 4 Chapter 28: FROM THE GATES OF HELL
“Even though the steel armored dragon is a high level horde leader, it can’t fly. It can only sprint and jump. And of course, it can’t change direction in midair, so getting rid of it should be easy” Luo Feng was certain that he could escape. With his hexagonal shield below his feet, he directly flew across a curved arc in the air and headed straight towards the clouds!

The only eye that the steel armored dragon had left stared at Luo Feng menacingly.
“ROAR~~” Under its enraged howl, the steel armored dragon ferociously swung its tail!

The 10 meter long dragon tail instantly turned into a green mirage as it swept towards Luo Feng. The distance that Luo Feng pulled apart was instantly covered again by this 10 meter long dragon tail. The high level horde leader level ‘steel armored dragon’ could sprint past the speed of sound, and the speed of its sweeping tail was 10 times faster than its sprinting speed!

This dragon tail was several times faster than a bullet fired from the best sniper rifle! This is why high level horde leaders are horrifying!


Probably because the dragon tail was too fast, high pressured airstreams were produced.

“It won’t hit me, it’s still 50 to 60 cm off!” Luo Feng instantly determined.

The tip of the dragon tail was off by Luo Feng’s chest by half a meter; it couldn’t hit him. However, the extremely high pressured airstream smashed against Luo Feng’s chest like a gigantic sledgehammer. Thanks to that, Luo Feng felt like he couldn’t breathe for a bit.

“PENG!” Luo Feng’s body was thrown away and he had to start stabilizing the shield.

“Just what one would expect from a high level horde leader. The high pressured airstream brought by the dragon’s tail almost knocked me out” Luo Feng could feel a mouthful of fresh blood coming up his throat and couldn’t hold it any longer. With a “PU!” sound, a mouthful of fresh blood shot out.

Luo Feng looked at the steel armored dragon that was still in midair and only saw its gigantic body falling towards the ground: “You’re not even a flying type monster. Unless you reach the Emperor level, you’ll never be able to fly!”

Luo Feng smiled, completely relaxed himself, and then set his foot on his shield and flew upwards.


The feeling of flying is really fantastic!

“ROAR~” the steel armored dragon stepped on the sidewalk in the city and leaped to the roof of a residential building that was a couple stories high. Once again, it ferociously jumped….. and at that instant, the roof of the residential building instantly crumbled. As that happened, large amounts of concrete directly tumbled down from the building.

And the steel armored dragon used this jump to jump to a height of around 100 meters high, roaring as it charged towards Luo Feng.

“Steel armored dragon, no matter well you can jump, it’s futile” when Luo Feng saw that steel armored dragon jump to the roof of the residential building, he started ascending….. by continuously ascending, he easily reached a height of 300 meters above the ground.

The steel armored dragon could only powerlessly fall back to the ground.

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