Vol. 3 Prologue

I will be busy for the next few weekends due to various army commitments, so I can only post a chapter a day for weekends for now.

This chapter is mostly tying up the loose ends from Vol. 2~

“Umm, Princess Michelle…”


“Do you mind moving a little bit? It’s squeezy here.”

“Are you serious? Then, I will be the one suffering, you know!?”

“But, I’m really suffering quite a lot here.”

“If you’re a man, endure it! Geez, it should be your honor to have your body in contact with me, a princess!”

“… Are you making fun of me?”

“Idiot! Take note of the atmosphere!”

She kicked me in my stomach, and although my HP did not drop, but I still felt the pain.


She’s speaking the truth. I have never been in such close contact with a young girl before… No, if I were to…

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