Death March new chapter

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6-21. People of Baron Muno Territory (11)

Satou’s here. Split body (Bunshin) is a staple of Ninja, but when I was a child my juvenile mind thought, “If you could move that fast to make bunshin, you should’ve attack like that instead.”
It might be the right choice when you fight against firearms.

“I promise, it won’t be dangerous.”

If it’s just me alone then it’d alright. The opponent is just a level 30. Moreover, I have magic attack and magic shield, not only physical now.

“No, I’ll go with you.”

That’s bad. The demon is in the forest right now, but I don’t know when it’s going to be back. I want to leave Arisa in safe zone.

“If you say further than that, I’ll use 『Order』.”
“Try it, my maiden’s heart won’t lose to such thing like 『Order』.”

It can’t be helped.
I didn’t want to use 『Order』 as much as possible.

“Arisa, this is an order. Go to the village I’ve said earlier and ask the mayor about the work. Wait in the village until I get there.”

After telling so, I go down the wagon.
I hear something falling on the ground behind me along with Lulu’s short scream.

When I turn around, I see Arisa crawling here while her face becoming blue.

“I w,will absolutely go with you. This time… I wont… Let you go alone… Ha.”

By disobeying my order, she’s not only tormented by the magic from the contract, but it seems that the slavery collar on her neck also harms her physically. The collars on the beastkin girls are just decoration, but the ones on Lulu and Arisa are real magic tools. They were attached from Kubooku kingdom.
No, this isn’t the time to think that. Arisa would die if I leave her alone.

“Arisa, I cancel the order earlier.”

Arisa is gasping painfully. What a rash girl. I wonder what makes her go that far. The collar has left red mark on Arisa’s neck.

“Good grief, you’re really a rash girl.”
“Who’s the rash one here. You jumped into the shadow to save Mia, and even just the other day, you lured out a monster almost twice your level to secure food for the children… I’m worried about you, stop doing unreasonable things alone.”

Arisa says so while shedding tears.

I’ve noticed something from those tears and “Almost twice your level.”

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