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DE Book 4, Chapter 12 – Pursuit

Ji Ning instantly landed a kilometer away and grabbed the black-bearded leader, instantly terrifying the high level members of the Firewing Tribe. All of them hurriedly knelt down on wobbling knees and called out repeatedly, “Young master Ji Ning, spare us!” “Young master Ji Ning, don’t be angry!” “Young master Ji Ning, don’t be angry!”

The tribal warriors behind them who had not been hit by the waves, seeing the high level members of the tribe all kneel down, naturally all knelt down as well. At this time, the waves disappeared, and those knocked down tribesmen all knelt in terror as well.

Instantly, the black mass of men were all on their knees, aside from the black-bearded man Ning had seized.

“Pa!” With a toss of the hand, the black-bearded man was sent rolling twice on the ground.

“Young master Ji Ning.” The black-bearded man was shuddering.

“You don’t recognize me?” Ning looked at him.

The black-bearded man shook his man hurriedly. “No, no, I heard of young master Ji Ning’s fame long ago.”

“Then you still ordered an attack?” Ning frowned.

“I…I…” The black-bearded man didn’t know what to say for the moment. This caused Ning to be even more puzzled. The leader in front of him clearly knew his name, and was frightened of him. So why, then, had he dared to issue that order?

Ning shouted, “I ask you, why do you attack the Blacktooth Tribe?”

The black-bearded man immediately hesitated.

The high level members next to him said hurriedly, “Young master Ji Ning, the Blacktooth Tribe is only a small tribe. Our Firewing Tribe didn’t want to attack them at all! Only, the chief insisted on coming. We didn’t oppose him, as it was just a small tribe and thus not worth it.”

“This was the decision of the chief and the chief alone.”

“We all opposed it.”

“Half a year ago, the chief ignored our opposition and forcibly led the warriors out and destroyed a small tribe with only a few hundred people, and sold off everyone, man, woman, child, and elder alike as slaves to his good friend, Zig! Look, that one right next to the chief is Zig! The chief trusts him very much!” A silver-haired fur-clad elder pointed to the long haired youth next to Ji Ning.


The kneeling long haired youth suddenly shot out a black light from his sleeves towards the nearby Ning.

“Clang!” Ji Ning’s body was covered by beast furs, and underneath them he had magic treasures protecting him. Naturally, this attack was blocked.

“Hmph.” Ning looked at the long haired youth, but discovered that the youth’s face had already begin to turn black. At this moment, the other high level members of the Firewing Tribe were angrily howling and reaching out with their hands to seize the youth, planning to subdue him. “He dares to ambush the young master. He deserves death.”

“Don’t touch him!” Ning immediately barked.

But a muscular man of the Firewing Tribe who had charged in front had already touched the arm of the long haired youth. The pitch-black color on the arm of the youth instantly transmitted to the right arm of the muscular man.

“Xiu!” Ning pointed out with a fingernail, and a ray of sword energy swung out, chopping the left arm of the muscular man off.

The long haired youth slumped to the ground, his entire body pitch black, and his seven orifices bleeding with black blood. That man whose arm had been chopped off by Ning had black blood flowing out of his severed arm as well.


The surrounding Firewing tribesmen all retreated in surprise.

Ning’s expression was grave. “Such fierce poison.”

“Aaaaah!” The chief of the Firewing Tribe, that black-bearded man, suddenly called out, then hurriedly pointed at the corpse on the ground. “It was him! It was him! Young master Ji Ning, it was all him. He originally spat a mouthful of smoke at me, and I lost my faculties. Although I knew what was going on, I treated this Zig as my master and obeyed him from my heart. Whatever he wanted me to do, I would do. Even if he wanted me to die, I wouldn’t resist at all. When I heard your name, young master, it was he who ordered me to attack. I clearly didn’t want to offend you, young master, but as soon as he instructed me, I immediately gave the order.”

The black-bearded man stared in shock and fury at the corpse on the ground. “It was that mouthful of smoke.”

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