Death March new chapter

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6-22. Battle of Muno City (1)

Satou’s here. They’ve said that the punishment for traffic law breaker is light, yet here, the situation seems to be slanted toward the opposite of expectation.
I’m keeping safety in mind when I’m driving a wagon.

Two horse-drawn carriages have come from the baron to pick us up. Either of them is a two-seater carriage. The doors are carved with relief that looks like it’d make stylish nobles happy, and also adorned with golden stones that seem like jewels.

Hayuna couple get on separate ride from us.

I’ve known it from preliminary check already, but this city is too deserted. Even though it’s almost twice the size of Seryuu city, the population is only around 1/6 of it. Houses are standing in row as we leave the gate, but in the middle of the way, series of vacant lots covered with weeds unfold.

“There are many vacant lots huh.”
“Sir, are you familiar with the incident 20 years ago.”
“Yeah, although I don’t know how much of it is true, I’ve heard the general rumor.”
“Most of it is probably the truth. The vacant lots were the result of the king’s armies setting fire in the city to destroy the many undeads who were attacking.”

The coachman answered my question while facing the road. His voice is loud, not losing to the carriage’s noise.

“King’s armies?”
“Yes, after the undead had extracted their revenge by killing the entire lineage of the old noble, they remained inside the city without moving. So the king had wanted to do something before they would move. The commoners who died from the fire set by the armies are several times more than from the undead since they wouldn’t get attacked by the undead if they stayed inside the house.”

At least, “Set the fire after you evacuate the commoners.”, or maybe they didn’t know about the actual site?

“Because of that, there were a lot of people who left this territory. Now, there aren’t even 20% left of the people from 20 years ago.”
“It’s good that the city doesn’t disappear even after that.”
“That’s because this city has a wall protecting it. The wall was made in the time of ancestor king and was enhanced with fixation magic, even if monsters attack, it wouldn’t move an inch. A city simply cannot be made in another location if it’s not by a high-ranking noble.”

I see, no wonder the wall looks splendid in spite of the poor territory.

I hear crashing sound and people’s scream ahead the carriage. After a bit of pause, our carriage shooks a bit as it gets across something.

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