Mo Tian Ji new chapter

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MTJ Chapter 3 – Practitioner

“Brat, you dare hurt my wife! You’re definitely dead now.” The man’s face was shown to be somewhat twisted under the reflection of the bone sword in his hand. He quickly threw away the crossbow in his other hand, took out a red pill and shoved it into his mouth.

Obviously that logic-defying attack wasn’t something that he could easily perform.

Seeing that, Liu Ming screamed, “Projectile incoming.” He then threw a white blob towards the still twitching woman on the ground while leaping backwards and scrambled into the forest besides him.
Seeing this, the man paused before going into a fit of rage. He couldn’t leave the woman on the ground alone and so had to shift sideways and use the bone sword to stab into the air in front the incoming projectile.

With a hong, the white blob was hit by an invisible thing mid-air and exploded.

A glob of gray-white powder spread out and covered everything within a few meters.

Seeing this, the blue-robed man became cautious and didn’t dare let the powder touch him. He quickly held the bone sword in front of his chest. His other hand lightly pushed outwards while he said the two words: “Elemental Wall.”

With the words, the bone sword let out a faint light as an invisible air wave came from it and pushed away the surrounding powder.

Then, the man quickly knelt down and ran his finger across the powder-covered floor. He smelled his finger and immediately stood up in a fit of rage.

“It was only common flour. Brat, I will cut you into a thousand pieces.”

The blue-robed man cursed a few more times before running over to check on the ugly woman.

The woman was tightly holding onto her neck with both hands. Her breath had already slowed to become indiscernible; there was no hope in her recovery.

“Darling, rest easy. I am going to kill that brat and have him accompany you to the afterlife.”

The blue-robed man gritted his teeth as he spoke. He stood up once again and tightened his grip onto the bone dagger. He yelled “Lighten” and ran in the direction that the young man ran off in.

His movements changed to become much faster than before: he seems just like a ghost flashing through the field.

Although his body did not have much Yuan Li, he was drawing support from the red pill that he ingested earlier; he could use four or five more spells for another quarter of an hour. This was more than enough to chase and kill any normal person.
TL: Think of Yuan Li as a special strength and


Liu Ming was violently running in the forest while his legs felt heavier and heavier. At the same, his chest was burning as the violent activity made blood flow profusely from the wound.

As for the shoulder wound from before, it had completely reopened, leaving half of his body numb.

Liu Ming had no intention of stopping to bind his wounds and kept running towards a single direction.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as the dense shrubbery was replaced by a large field.

At the end of the field was a huge river that had roaring waters flowing through.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt a sense of happiness but suddenly his eyes darkened. With a stumble, he almost fell down.

With a sense of urgency, he quickly bit his tongue, causing a hint of blood to fill his mouth. Only then was he able regain his senses and not fall.

But right then, the bitter voice of the blue-robed man came from the forest behind him.

“Brat, where do you think you’re going!”

Right when the voice died down, the blue-robed man came out from behind a tree and quickly ran toward Liu Ming.

Looking back, Liu Ming saw how fast the blue-robed man was coming and quickly threw his silver blade backwards while sprinting towards the river.

The blue-robed man flicked his bone sword and deflected the incoming Silver Blade. In addition, he didn’t so much as pause because of the parry.

With one running and the other chasing, the two ran forward a dozen meters.

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