The Alchemist God: Chapter 18 – It Also Tastes Great

Unchained Translation

Chapter 18 It Also Tastes Great


After being infused with the power of a martial spirit, the steel sword became as sharp as a god-tier weapon. A flash of light sliced through the air as the Stranglethorn screamed in anger and little by little collapsed onto the ground. Lin Mu Yu was standing right before its head and in the next second, the Stranglethorn’s beast spirit collected into a green ball hovering above its head.

“Right now!”

Qu Chu lowered his voice and said, “Sit down and use your Green Gourd to absorb this Stranglethorn’s spirit. Even if this can’t improve the strength of your martial spirit, it should be able to increase your physical strength. Right now, your body has just entered the chaotic state so you lack clear measure of power. But after the martial spirit’s first evolution, it will surely confirm the true measure of your…

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