Vol. 3 Chapter 1: Same Academy Life as Usual

Side Quest: Extracurricular Live Exercise Completed
Quest Objective: Find a Crystal Ball for each party member. (Completed)
Additional Objective(s):
Find ‘The 99 Trials’ (Incomplete)
Find the Mysterious Person (Completed)
Quest Reward(s): 20,000 EXP Received
Additional Reward(s): Momiji Guild Points increased by 100.
Momiji Guild Rank increased.
Current Guild Rank: C

Title Unlocked: Momiji’s End

After handing over the Crystal Balls, the quest completion notification popped out.

After simply glancing over the window, I realized the mysterious person I saw at the start of the live exercise was actually Yuon.

So that girl actually smuggled into our airship. Just how did she hide from those people that were of higher levels than her?

However, I recalled she was an Assassin, and she must have added points into a unique skill related to Assassins, just like my Dominator’s Hawkeye skill.

Though, I realized I now have 7 skill points after leveling up…

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