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Chapter 12: Hello, Elder Sister Xu

The scene, which had attracted the attention of the other nearby Cultivation monks, caused their expressions to change. Many seemed to be at a loss, unsure of exactly what had happened. But now, they all knew that Meng Hao was not someone to provoke.

Even though they didn’t know exactly what had happened, Meng Hao’s trembling first customer did. His heart pounding madly, he slapped his bag of holding and produced six chunks of Spirit Stone, which he respectfully handed over. He regretted having hesitated in front of the Pill Cultivation Workshop in the past. By fretting over his Spirit Stones at that time, he’d ended up with no medicine. And now, he didn’t have any Spirit Stones to go buy anything for himself.

Meng Hao accepted the Spirit Stones, produced a Blood Coagulation pill and Skeletal Relaxation Pill, and gave them to the man.

“Many thanks for your patronage,” he said with a wide smile. “Come back again soon.” Once again, he looked weak and feeble. But to the Cultivation monk standing in front of him, he was a vicious beast in sheep’s clothing. Trembling, the man made his exit.

As he left, Meng Hao decided not to return to his spot on the rock. He grabbed the Pill Cultivation Workshop Outlet banner and began to stroll about the Public Zone. He stopped next to two battling disciples, sticking the banner into the ground.

“Brother, it seems you’re injured,” he said, stepping forward. “You also seem somewhat listless. You don’t seem to be in the right state to be fighting.”

The two disciples stared at him in amazement. Having just seen him knock someone out, they hesitated, and at the same time, both backed up a bit.

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