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Chapter 4: Bai Clan

“Ha! Leave the Da Xuan Country? You really think the heart nourishing pill given to us by the Family Head was Spiritual Medicine. Think about what happened to the people that betrayed the Bai Clan before. In addition, our families are both still living in the Bai Clan. If we leave, how are they going to live? If I remember correctly, you married a beautiful lady last year and she became pregnant earlier this year. According to doctor Zhang, there’s an eighty percent chance it will be a boy.” Guan Lao Da spoke loudly, but his expression was grave.

“This…” Gu Lao San heard this and felt as if cold water was poured onto his head. He stood motionless without a word.

“If it really does not work, I do have a desperate plan. Though the chances to live do not exceed twenty percent. This plan will also use up all the savings we’ve had throughout the years.” Guan Lao Da’s eyes flashed for a bit before saying this.

“Use up all our savings and still only have a twenty percent chance to survive?” Hearing this, Gu Lao San’s face became bitter.

“Hmph. If I didn’t have some relationship to the Family Head’s main wife, even this small chance would not be here. If you are unwilling, I will not force you.” Boss Guan said calmly.

“You misunderstand, Guan Lao Da. How could I refuse? If it can preserve our lives, using all our wealth is not a big deal.” Gu Lao San said quickly in shock and smiled apologetically.

“If you understand, then great! Let’s not waste time, before the news go back to the clan, we need to sneak back in order to prepare quickly.” Boss Guan’s expression relaxed a bit.

This time, Gu Lao San only nodded his head, not daring to show any unwanted expressions.

Then, the two discussed a little more in front of the new grave. From his chest, Guan Lao Da pulled out a pair of green gloves made of unknown materials and shouted.

From the pair of green gloves, a layer of bright white light rushed toward the ground in front of him.


Soil and countless wild grasses flew in different directions and a three feet deep pit appeared in front of the two.

Gu Lao San moved and circled around the pit before kicking the corpses into it.

When he walked to the young man’s corpse, he hesitated a bit before reaching behind his back and pulling his sword out of its sheath.

With a swipe of his finger over the sword, a green light scattered from its surface.

With a twist of Gu Lao San’s wrist, he prepared to use his sword to do something to the corpse.

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