Stellar Transformation new chapter

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Book 12 Qin Yu – Chapter 5 Teleportation Talisman

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Qin Yu confronted the bullies of Liu Han Shu with his dramatic shockwave entrance. He display instilled awe onto the onlookers which attracted the attentions of the Liu clan elders. With the elders, clan leader, Han Shu’s father and another unknown guest at his door step, now what will Qin Yu do?

“This one is the Liu clan’s clan leader, here to greet Mister Qin. We are unsure, to what fortune, does Mr. Qin wish to do here on this little planet – Amber Moon. If there are anything within my clan – Liu house, can handle, please allow us to do so. On Amber Moon, I of Liu clan at least have some capabilities.”

Qin Yu allowed a faint smile to show on his lips, pointed at a seat on the left side, the kind aimed for guests. “Sit.”

The clan leader immediately sat down.

Qin Yu looked at the leader mildly, “We won’t talk about my business, there is something far more important to discuss than my business. You see, here on Amber Moon, I took on a disciple. But, I discovered that someone dared to insult my disciple, and that someone was his own brothers of his generation. Liu clan leader, about this matter, can you explain to me why this is so?” Standing behind Qin Yu was Shuo Yan, who smiled coldly, eyes flashed with hidden intent. “Oi, scion of the Liu clan, you better wise up. If you listen well and aid my master, then perhaps your clan may prosper, but……if the master isn’t happy with you, then your clan may just die out, unexpectedly.” She hit the bull’s-eye. What Qin Yu needed the most was a star map, he did not care for power.

There are many ways he could go about acquiring this star map, except that Qin Yu chose to use this particular method: manipulation and negotiation with these ‘major’ families. Of course, that would be the climax of this whole discussion.

“Bullying? Hm, how should we go about this?” The clan leader asked no one in particular, then smiled lightly. “This was a problem that arose from internal clan competitions between those children. To this, I promise one thing, and that is those things will never happen again.”

“You swear it?” Qin Yu answered with a short, dry laugh, “I find it hard to believe in your supposed promise.”

Han Shu shifted uncomfortably on his feet, he lowered his head in his master’s direction, and whispered, “Master, the clan leader’s words are quite influential.”

Qin Yu laughed with a hint of sarcasm. “You foolish apprentice, I don’t even know what to say to one like you.” Han Shu was only a twenty-five years old practitioner, who haven’t seen much of the wider world. A man with such tunnel-vision and naivety, would only feel honour at the sudden appearance of the greatest pillars of his Liu family present today. Indeed, Han Shu felt he was drifting and fluttering about on cloud nine, and hearing the clan leader’s promise, he was already convinced. He couldn’t help add his two-cents to aid the elder.

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