Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 12


All I translated tonight. Throbbing headache, and feeling irritable …because of the throbbing headache. Also wow. Syosetu has finally implemented ruby text. Maybe machine translators will stop getting confused now.

Also uh, I think I might translate some of the ‘ha-!(sir)’s as ‘milady’ instead of ‘understood’ where appropriate. I didn’t want to use ma’am, so I guess milady should do fine.

Chapter 12 – “This dog is a hardcore NEET.”

It’s been a week since I hired Pervert(Nielson). Even now, I haven’t seen Pervert(Nielson) work seriously. Or rather, he can’t even bring himself to stay in the shop during opening hours.

Bernandes, was it…?

Probably one of Pervert(Nielson)’s unemployed buddies. Anyway, he frequently comes to the shop to bring Pervert(Nielson) away.

Pervert(Nielson) then spouts stuff like “Tilea-sama. It seems that the scouts of the Demon King Army are lurking nearby. Hmph, please pay it no heed. I shall immediately tidy…

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