KnW Chapter 120: The Protagonist that Relieves His Stress

Kiriko Translations

Was Hiiro’s awesomeness simply too much? Have you had enough yet? Or did you want your THIRD DOSE of awesomeness for the day!! Yay!!! As promised, here is the third, and last chapter of this triple release.

Credits go to Cross-nii for editing and proofreading, as well as Leo-tan for also helping out with the proofreading! Don’t forget to give them your thanks as well!

Chapter 120: The Protagonist the Relieves His Stress

Truthfully, Eveam could not completely believe what Hiiro had said. However, she was aware that he definitely had something to do with their disappearance. In addition, she, at the very least could not feel their magic power nearby, thus making the credibility of Hiiro’s words rise exponentially.

“Hi-Hiiro…….did you really…….?” (Eveam)

As she still couldn’t fully believe it, her eyes opened wide as she asked him this. However, Hiiro scowled at her, almost as if he was expressing…

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