Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 13


Chapter 13 – I defeated the enemy general

“Nielsen, how goes the battle?”

“Milady. Our forces number a little under 200, whilst the opposing Killer Unit have a little over 300. Although there is a difference in numbers, as Mühen’s guerilla unit carries out its duties, we maintain a bagreat spear. And at last, we have lured that damnable Killer himself.”

“Hu, that damned Killer is surely exasperated.”

These past few days, Mühen’s unit have been attacking the Killer Unit. By exhausting Killer with guerilla warfare, it seems that Killer has grown tired of waiting. A move to be expected of a single-celled organism like Killer.

“Controlled by his anger, Killer has charged into the frontlines. They are all heading towards headquarters.”

“All right, I shall kill Killer! Nielsen, you round up the surviving members of Mühen’s unit and after Killer’s death, bring them to hunt down the remaining enemies!”

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