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Chapter 14: Threats

Upon hearing this, Cao Yang’s body went stiff. It wasn’t just him. Everyone backed up, looking at Meng Hao in dread.

“Buy… buy some more?” said Cao Yang, shaking, his voice weak. Were it not for Meng Hao holding him up, he would have toppled over.

“One pill, one Spirit Stone chunk,” said Meng Hao affably. He retrieved several Anti-hemostasis Pills from his bag of holding. “I’m honest with all customers, Brother, please rest at ease. I won’t take advantage of your misfortunate to raise prices. Just ask any of the Brothers nearby. The Pill Cultivation Workshop Outlet’s reputation is quite good.”

Seeing all the pills, Cao Yang’s face paled. And then he looked at the amiable expression on Meng Hao’s face and his back grew cold. Heart trembling, he gritted his teeth.

“Brother, you can really tell the good from the bad. These are genuine Pill Cultivation Workshop products.” As he spoke, he produced some Blood Coagulation Pills and held them out.

Cao Yang looked at the medicinal pills with a start, then glanced bitterly at Meng Hao’s bag of holding. He looked back at Meng Hao’s face and saw it filled with care and concern.

Cao Yang wasn’t stupid, and he understood Meng Hao’s intentions. The blood drained from his heart. But right now his life was the most important thing, and he had no other options. He took out more Spirit Stones from his bag of holding and reluctantly handed them over.

Meng Hao took them with a smile, then placed the medicinal pills into Cao Yang’s hand one by one. In a short period of time, the Spirit Stones in Cao Yang’s bag of holding had been replaced by a pile of medicinal pills.

Cao Yang’s heart bled even more. Looking pained, he trembled.

Then he saw that Meng Hao still held five pills in his hand and a look of shock and desperation filled his face.

“Those other pills should be enough to help you recover. These five are for after that, to help you maintain your health.” He spoke considerately as he gazed at Cao Yang.

“I don’t have any left, I really don’t,” Cao Yang said, looking at Meng Hao, about to cry.

Meng Hao said nothing, looking as amiable as ever. Cao Yang’s scalp tingled. Gritting his teeth and ignoring his own distress, he pulled out some magic items, including flying swords, magic wands, Spirit Condensation pills and the like.

“I have no spirit stones, only these things,” he said desperately.

“Magic items are also acceptable,” said Meng Hao, taking them and putting them into his bag of holding.

Moments later, Cao Yang, carrying his bundle of medicinal pills, hobbled off, supported by the arms of some fellow disciples.

Meng Hao patted his bag of holding contentedly. It was only morning, and he had already sold out. He decided that it was best to quit while he was ahead, so he collected his flag and told the remaining monks he would see them tomorrow. Conversations broke out as he strode down from the plateau.
Half a month flashed by, during which time, Meng Hao grew to be quite famous among the low-level disciples. They all knew about the Pill Cultivation Workshop Outlet on the plateau.

Even more talked about was the owner of the shop, who looked like a delicate scholar, but who had an explosive temper. Rumors spread.

One afternoon, Cao Yang walked out of his house, his face pale. Despite his poor complexion, his wounds had healed. The pills he had bought from Meng Hao at an exorbitant price were actually quite effective in helping him to recover.

He had hidden away for the past half month, and today was the first day he had been able to walk around. He looked hesitant at first, but finally walked through the Outer Sect, eventually reaching an area with few buildings. He stopped in front of one of them.

“Cao Yang requests an audience with Brother Lu,” he said, standing outside and clasping his hands in front of him respectfully.

Sitting inside cross-legged was a man of about thirty years of age wearing a green robe. He was not a handsome man, but had an appearance of excessive arrogance. His eyes flickered open, and he looked out at Cao Yang appraisingly.

“What transpired?” he said coolly.

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