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Volume 4 Chapter 29: Kunshan? Where’s that?

Two shadows were currently standing on top of the messy roof of the family mart. Those shadows were precisely shadow blade, Wang Tong, and bear strength, Li Kan.

“Brother Wang, I can’t believe we were taken advantage of this time” Li Kan’s voice was extremely deep, “Since that steel armored dragon just laid an egg, a highly skilled fighter must’ve stolen the egg while we were fighting against the steel armored dragon. This was why that steel armored dragon went into a frenzy!”.

“Indeed, the city is also empty. There’s nothing here” Wang Tong nodded. When they came over, they’ve already checked the surroundings.

As for that commander level monster squad, they can easily kill a low level wargod and can at least injure an intermediate level wargod.

However! Against an ‘advanced level wargod’ like Wang Tong, the commander level monster squad will instantly crumble. After destroying the monster squad, Wang Tong and Li Kan searched the area.

“But seriously, this person….. really has no shame!” said Li Kan lowly.

Wang Tong laughed, “Indeed, he has no shame! But to be able to safely escape from the assault of a commander level monster squad and successfully steal the dragon egg. This skill…… he’s at least an intermediate level wargod! But an intermediate level wargod has so many different ways of making money, so why steal this dragon egg?”.

Dragon eggs are worth a lot of money, but it depends on what you’re comparing it to! For example, the difference between a dragon egg and a SS grade battle uniform set is gigantic.

If this dragon egg hatches, then it’ll be a ‘young’ steel armored dragon. Even after it grows, most steel armored dragons are only low level horde leaders. Only by going through battles over and over again can it grow and improve….. it’s not always the case for the child to surpass the parent.

For example, it’s extremely difficult for the children of the strongest fighter on earth, ‘Hong’, to catch up to the strength ‘Hong’ possesses.

A fully grown, normal steel armored dragon, in other words, a low level horde leader steel armored dragon, is worth around 3 billion.

And since unhatched dragon eggs are extremely rare, they’re worth more than a fully grown steel armored dragon. However, they’re worth around 5.3 billion Chinese dollars. Even though 5.3 billion is quite a bit, an ‘intermediate level wargod’ can use his own strength to hunt monster horde leaders. There’s no need for him to take advantage of other people.

Which is also why Wang Tong and Li Kan aren’t angry. They’re only exclaiming the fact that this person has no shame!

“An intermediate level wargod taking advantage of us” Li Kan shook his head.

“Well, no matter. Since that steel armored dragon is heavily injured and has pushed itself to its limits by sprinting that quickly, it must’ve worsened its injuries” laughed Wang Tong, “Our goal is to kill this high level horde leader level steel armored dragon, so we better not let it escape”

“Let’s go……” Li Kan also nodded.

A low level horde leader is worth around 500 million to 3.9 billion. Since there are many different species of low level horde leaders, the price would also vary by quite a bit. And a steel armored dragon is worth 3.9 billion.

A medium level horde leader is worth around 1.5 billion to 9 billion.

A high level horde leader is worth around 5.3 billion to 20 billion.

Most of the horde leader monsters fall into this range. Of course, there’ll always be exceptions. Naturally, there’s no need to explain any further about those extremely rare monsters.

This high level horde leader is worth around 18 billion. Sadly, only an extremely, extremely small portion of the ‘advanced level wargods’ have the ability to hunt a high level horde leader level steel armored dragon. Of course, this isn’t including the existences that surpass the wargod level.


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