The Bathroom Goddess – Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Teo Keh couldn’t calm down, and paced around the pavillion.
Although the thick pavillion was blocking the sun above his head, the temperature inside the pavillion was still quite hot.
However, Teo Keh neither opened a window, nor pulled up the hanging curtain that covered the entrance, and merely traced a circle on the floor, as though following the pattern of the carpet with his foot.
―――――They still haven’t? They still haven’t found him?
His forehead ran with sweat, and his prided moustache had lost its lustre.
Teo Keh had served under the first king of the Kingdom of Yohk’Zai, Tenuhg, before he had revived the country, and had supported him.
When Tenuhg had revived the country he was 31, but at the time Teo Keh was only a youth in his teens. However, seeing through Teo Keh’s exceptional talent for politics, Tenuhg appointed him as prime minister…

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