Vol. 3 Chapter 4: Armor Break!?

“And… And so this was what happened. Fir is someone who saved my life during my journey. So…”

While waiting for our dishes to arrive, Irlin who was sitting beside me began to explain my history to her two friends.

After all, she did cry the moment she saw me, and she even kissed me. With this kind of drama happening so suddenly, anybody would have loads of questions in his or her mind.

Some people might even think that I’m a heartless person who abandoned a young girl. After all, she did cry in front of me.

However, she kissed me at the end. It would basically be rather difficult for anyone to understand our exact situation.

Uncle Howells had been staring in our direction since the beginning, and my back was about to feel rather numb from the stares.

Not just him, with the eyes of everyone in…

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